Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fort Ticonderoga

I visited the Adirondacks and Fort Ticonderoga recently with my brother, Eric. What was most impressive about this Fort was how little had been left of it when the restoration began!...literally parts of walls and lots of rubble: reminded me of many ancient castles lying fallow in Great Britain. The strategic location(and incredible beauty) of this fort in the Hudson Valley when it was commanded by Native Americans, French, English, and then Americans is obvious the moment you step out onto the parapets. This area, including Saratoga to the south, was the scene of crucial turning points in the American Revolution.

Listen to the story below on NPR to hear not only more information, but how the Mars family (as in the chocolate company!) has been the key to the survival. and possible demise, of this historic site.

Fort Ticonderoga In Trouble
by Brian Mann

NPR: All Things Considered, August 29, 2008 · Fort Ticonderoga, in upstate New York, saw bloody action in the French and Indian Wars and the Revolutionary Wars But now the privately owned museum and battleground is fighting for its own existence. The fort could be forced to shut down or sell off key artifacts.

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