Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Summary

This has been a very big week....great speeches at the Democratic Convention by various politicians, humble citizens (many former Republicans...where did the Dems find those!), and of course, Barack Obama's acceptance of the nomination for President and his choice of Joe Biden as his veep.

The subsequent scramble by the Republicans to find someone who will be on the McCain ticket resulted in the hilarious choice of a political light weight from the great State of Alaska: if the Republicans think women will vote Republican just because there is a woman on the ticket...please! Republicans from the State of Washington are not attending the convention and are trying to disguise their republicanness and distance themselves from McCain/Bush by calling themselves GOP, thinking no one will remember that GOP is Republican! There is a very nasty and close race here in the State of Washington for governor, and Republican Dino(as in dinosaur?) Rossi is going all out in his attempt to unseat Christine Gregoire.

Be sure to check out David Horsey's political cartoons from the convention, as well as his cartoons of the Bush Empire.


barbarac said...

And now we learn that Palin's 17 year old daughter, Bristol (after the bay) is 5 months pregnant. McCain knew about the pregnancy when he invited Palin to be his VP. And I thought it was reckless judgement to appoint her as VP BEFORE we learned more about her personal life. Of course, the fundamentalist Christian base of the GOP is not troubled by this saying "We are all sinners." Indeed.

Graham said...

What amazed me was reading about the complete lack of vetting undertaken by the McCain campaign. I read a post today by a blogger who called the city offices of Wasilla, AK to request some documents relating to Palin's tenure as mayor. Incredibly, the clerk told her that she was the first person to contact the office in that regard. Similarly, I believe I read that McCain's people failed to interview the official who was pressured by Palin's office to fire her ex-brother-in-law.

The more we learn, the more impulsive and rash McCain's choice seems.