Friday, September 12, 2008

Disgraceful, Dishonorable, Distraction, Diversion

Strong words from E.J. Dionne Jr, commentator at The Washington Post: "The campaign is a blur of flying pieces of junk, lipstick and gutter-style attacks. John McCain's deceptions about Barack Obama's views and Sarah Palin's flip-flopping suggest an unedifying scuffle over a city council seat."

"The media bear a heavy responsibility because "balance" does not require giving equal time to truth and lies. So does McCain, who is running a disgraceful, dishonorable campaign of distraction and diversion."

When will the media start seriously calling out these people on the lies...this is not just 'political behaviour' or stretching the truth: this is out and out lying, which when repeated once, twice, thrice becomes reality...just like the advertisers who know that it works every time.

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