Tuesday, September 2, 2008

For You Gardeners Out There...

You may not be aware of an unlikely source of delightful garden commentary...the Financial Times of London. Robin Lane Fox writes a weekly column, currently in the FT Weekend House and Home section. I began reading him in 1980 on the advice of Bob Wedgwood and have been a fan since. In his other life he is an historian. His joy in uncovering new gardens to share with us, unusual designs, simple delights in everyday spaces and all written in such vivid, clear essays.
The New York Times correspondent in Paris is Alan Riding and his article on secret gardens in Paris should go on everyone's list of things-to-do on their next trip to Paris.

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Bob Wedgwood said...

Well fancy that...my name in a blog. There's a first time for everything. While in non-academic circles Robin Lane Fox is known for his writing on gardening, he's actually a scholar of Classical history at Oxford, which earned him an under-appreciated cameo appearance in Oliver Stone's film Alexander.