Friday, September 19, 2008

Views from elsewhere......but available in Seattle

From PRI's The World:
Marco Werman speaks with French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy about his views on the American presidential race...and how the French view the candidates.
Listen to the interview...This discussion of the candidates and Americans and the economy is very thought provoking. Lévy's new book is "Left in Dark Times"
Bernard-Henri Lévy will be speaking in Seattle, Monday night 22 Sept. at Town Hall

Also featured on this show is the Zimbabwean musician Chiwoniso. She is touring the US and encouraging engagement in the rebuilding of Zimbabwe, especially the lives of the children. Her album is available through the PRI Global Hit website and the program benefits from the purchase.

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Bob Wedgwood said...

The remarks of Bernard-Henri Lévy are well worth hearing. Also his comments about Sarah Palin. I wish he were more visible in this country.