Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Summary

The Undertoad. In John Irving's book, The World According to Garp, the Undertoad is a mood setter, a theme, a lurking, brooding, fearful presence. Garp and his children live on the coast and as they learn to swim, he cautions them about the tides and the under tow. Only, they hear this as 'undertoad'. And once this fear is named, Garp begins to realise that the Undertoad can appear when one is not being vigilant and careful. And, sure enough, the Undertoad pounces at the most unlikely of times. It seems, that many of us are anticipating the arrival of the Undertoad on 4 November 2008, Election Day in the USA.
Barbara's garden, on the tour today, was a bright spot and maybe her cat, Gus (above), will keep guard against the Undertoad.

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