Friday, October 24, 2008

Beware of politicians whipping up crowds into feverish fury

One of the most disturbing, depressing, and distressing aspects of the McCain/Palin campaign has been the behaviour of Sarah Palin in the scare-mongering and crowd frenzy that she encourages. While it has been a common campaign tactic for the vice-presidential candidate to take on the role of attack dog inorder for the top of the tickets to appear somewhat well-mannered and above the fray, Palin has been taking a page out of the National Democratic Socialist Party of Nazi Germany in crowd control. In today's New York Times, Russ Rymer has an op-ed piece that is a must read on the dangerous waters Palin is dipping her Betty-Boop open-toed shoes into. Rymer is supporting the cautious and thoughtful warnings offered by Representative John Lewis in his recent remarks on McCain/Palin's rabid remarks and harking back to George Wallace's experience in his career as a politician in Alabama. After the election is over, one can only hope that enough Republicans will come to their senses, particularly McCain/Palin, and they will campaign to begin to heal the terrible wound they have gouged into the gut of America.
For historical value, go to this NYT link on archival articles about George Wallace

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