Saturday, November 1, 2008

Doing Something

Here is what a small group of dedicated people in Seattle with a good leader (Gail Savina), good ideas, & organization can do: "seventy 'official' volunteers from seven neighborhoods harvested fruit, & many brought relatives & friends to help. Another 80 people helped via one-time work parties. There were more than 160 different harvest 'events': volunteers went out to pick fruit more than 160 times--at private homes, public parks, schools and commercial properties. The final total is 14,000+ pounds (& still counting!) in seven neighborhoods plus another 4,000 lbs in West Seattle. Out of the 14,000 lbs, there was more than 8,000 lbs of apples and 3,000 lbs of plums.
The fruit was brought to more than 63 different places-- yes, 63! -- including food banks, meals programs, shelters, residential facilities, programs for children and youth, and senior programs. The recipient organizations were based in neighborhoods, not downtown." This is urban farming in action, meeting the needs of hungry families, helpful citizens, and caring neighbours. This can be replicated anywhere. To get more information, email this blog and your queries will be passed on.

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