Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Humans, & Our History, Never Cease To Be Interesting

While in Chicago, I was listening to WBEZ the NPR station and happened upon a program on the Black Jews of Chicago. It was so informative and enlightening and really makes one re-think, or think, about identity issues and the problems various people face in life.

The Seattle P-I today carries a New York Times article, on how the Chinese government has been trying to suppress DNA research into the genetic origins of ancient mummies, over 3500 years old, found in the Tarim Basin. Some of these people have red hair, other European features, and textiles from Eurasia to the west of China! This information is being used by the Uighurs to support their claims of autonomy from China (even though these mummies predate the Uighurs in this area) and undermines the Chinese meta narrative about homogeneity and the preeminent arrival of the Han people.

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