Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Shame, Shame on Mugabe

News reports on NPR and BBC today highlight the Shame of Southern Africa: Mugabe's indifference to the pain and suffering of the people of Zimbabwe, his infatuation with power, his ruination of the economy is seen in the hands and faces of the women and children. These photographs are of people finding crumbs of food lying in the dirt, digging undigested corn kernels out of cow dung and washing them before cooking. Has Mugabe no shame, no conscience?


Anonymous said...

sing questions to mugabe are misspecified. obviously he has no shame, otherwise he would not be doing all these dastardly deeds. the real questions should be directed toward his neighbors, and the global community as a whole: to wit, have we no shame, no conscience to allow this criminal to survive?

Hazel said...