Monday, January 12, 2009

Paleontology, Physical Anthropology, Evolution, Jesuits

I learned only yesterday that on 25th November 2006, Édouard Boné, S.J passed away in a community for retired Jesuits in Brussels. He was a colleague of my father's and when I became aware of him at the age of 2, he became my Uncle Teddy. He was a professor of Paleontology and Anthropology; he was able to reconcile his spiritual calling with his academic calling in being able to explain and support the Theory of Evolution, as espoused by Charles Darwin. He introduced me to that very special human, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, thinker, philosopher, academic, Jesuit. See the portrait gallery of Paleontologists at the American Museum of Natural History, Division of Paleontologists. Uncle Teddy was a very special friend to my parents and us children. He is missed.

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es said...

In addition, Uncle Teddy had a wonderful sense of humor, and as a person exposed to a daily diet of institutional cooking, flattered his dinner hosts in a manner both charming and disarming (which I believe explains in part why my Mother was so fond of him)!