Saturday, January 24, 2009

Two Stories to Reflect On

Several weeks ago there was a story in either the FT or on the BBC about a physicist at Oxford who worked for many years on bringing cheap eyeglasses to the poor in developing countries. NPR covered the same story this morning. 2; The NYT ran a story on this man back in 2002; at that time the cost was $10/glasses; now the costs have been reduced to $3 and he is hoping to be able to bring them down to $1.

On the same NPR show today, was an interview with Benjamin Busch. I recalled hearing him and his father, Frederick Busch, interviewed several years ago and was struck by the love and respect each had for the other: the father had raised his son in a home dedicated to nonviolence; the son grew up to be a Marine, poet, director, and actor. The father died shortly after the joint interview; hear his son today.

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