Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Art. Fashion.

Last June, there was an article in Pacific NW, a Sunday publication of the Seattle Times/Seattle Post-Intelligencer, about the reinvigoration of life and art in the village of Tieton, Washington. It is the story of one man's vision art (he publishes art books that are works of art), an artists' community, and bringing life and work back to a community whose economic base had departed and was home to new immigrants. Be sure to read the article and look at the photos. Eastern Washington is home to many things, but particularly to beautiful vistas. Susan Bennerstrom has painted remarkable landscapes of the Palouse. Her work can be seen at Davidson Galleries.
And now for the latest fashion commentary from FT Weekend. The article is all about some of the most interesting new fashion ideas showcase "grown-up" clothes. The catch is, that these look best on younger women and make older women appear dowdy.

And from today's NYT section on Health:

To the Editor:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calls for antibiotics and condoms to halt the rise in sexually transmitted diseases among teenagers (Vital Statistics, March 17). I have another suggestion.

I am 17, and I commute to Fordham Prep daily through Penn Station in Manhattan. What do I see? Exploitation of young women on magazine covers and billboards; promiscuous behavior encouraged by media banter. We need to stop acting like animals and put human behavior back in humanity.

John Lyttle III
Oradell, N.J."

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Anonymous said...

I fully agree with John Lyttle. He is a voice crying out in the dessert and I hope he is heard. I will sure be sending this to everyone I know. THANK YOU JOHN!