Friday, March 20, 2009

A Great Idea

Ballet dancers face a unique situation: because the dance discipline and field require that most dancers peak at an age that is relatively young for most people, they postpone their formal education until they retire from dancing. Pacific Northwest Ballet (PNB) started a great program ten years ago called Second Stage: setting up a fund for dancers to get a formal education when they retire from the stage. Seattle University is to be commended for their support of this great idea. One show each year, the PNB dancers donate their salary to the fund and hope that the audience also makes donations to support their efforts. The current PNB show at McCall Hall is just a great example of the versatility of the company. If you live in Seattle: support PNB; if you live elsewhere: support your local dance company: these people bring joy into our lives. Also, Angela Sterling's photos of PNB dancers are just stunning. See the photo of Jeffrey Stanton in "Take Five....More or Less"

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