Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Moving? Buyer Beware

Never, and I repeat, NEVER, use Able Moving Company in Chicago or Nationwide Moving & Relocation Services. My brother just experienced days of nightmares over what these companies did to his furniture and other household goods. First, communication was negligible. Second, the packers/movers arrived unprepared: no packing paper to wrap dishes and other breakables, even though my brother paid extra for cartons for this purpose and discussed this with his Nationwide representative, Ms. Roper. Third, the breakables were packed with negligence and minimal packing material. Most egregious of all: two legs were broken off a sideboard BEFORE it even left the house: bound too tightly. Three legs were broken off a small side table upon arrival at the destination. Dishes were broken upon arrival; my brother has been unable to open the boxes with the china, not wishing to see what is inside. He has no recourse. He barely got a cursory apology from Able Movers. Nationwide was essentially AWOL after they got his money. If you need to use a moving company, find, and interview, a local agent for one of the larger van lines and you will not be sorry. Read the fine print, take out extra insurance, get references.

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