Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fabulous Finds

Having been out of the internet loop, due to software issues, for almost a week thta has had so much news, has been difficult. First, an article in the NYT on a recent find that very early humans occupied Crete is just amazing. These early ancestors had to travel in a systematised way over water and they created these incredibly beautiful tools: For more information, check out the June issue of HESPERIA.

Next of interest was an article, also in the NYT, on the legacy of apartheid and public transportation and urban planning issues.

And finally, a public radio report on history, history books, and brainwashing featuring South Africa, the former Eastern Europe, and a third country. I heard the promo for it on KUOW, but no amount of searching could get me to the link..let me know if any of you find it!

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