Monday, March 15, 2010

Nelspruit and Athol Fugard

This last weekend, the New York Times reported on two South African-based issues: one depressing ,one uplifting (isn't that always the case with South Africa?). Let's start with the uplifting story first, shall we? Athol Fugard, the playwright who has been campaigning against apartheid all his life, has a new play currently being staged in a remarkable venue which is now home to a new all black company housed in the new theatre, bearing Fugard's name, located in District 6, site of one of apartheid's most shameful deeds.. The play deals with post-apartheid white shame and guilt.

The second story is about the shame, corruption, violent, and disgraceful behaviour of politicians and bureaucrats in Nelspruit, in their pursuit of fame and fortune in the wake of the World Cup, at the expense of children and vulnerable adults. Only four games will be played in the stadium and for this, two schools were bulldozed, nearby people live in mud huts with no "amenities"......water, electricity, roads. And who will be able to afford to attend these games? Only the local wealthy and foreigners.

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