Sunday, January 30, 2011

Individuals and Rights

Recent examples of people who became (unintended) heroes because they stood up for their rights and those of others:
Mohamed Bouazizi of Tunisia: who only wanted to sell vegetables to support his family
David Kato of Uganda: who only wanted humans who are gay to be treated with dignity and as...humans.

Mr. Bouazizi had no idea that his act of desperation would become a crossroad in history and lead to a chain of events, the conclusion of which, are still in the making.

Mr. Kato had wanted to be "good human rights defender, not a dead one, but an alive one.”  It can only be hoped that his death will eventually unleash changes in Uganda and the rest of homophobic Africa.  Unfortunately, this will not happen for some time.  Similar hate and discrimination exists against Albinos in Africa.

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