Friday, May 27, 2011

The Chinese Behaviour Pattern Continues

They have poisoned their wells with unsafe mining practices.  They have ruined villages and wreaked environmental havoc with dam building.   They have continued farming and food production with unsafe practices that sicken and kill their own people.   And, not content to rob developing countries of their resources, the Chinese are now in need of other sources of food.  The have buttered up the regimes of such popular leaders as Lula da Silva of Brazil, getting their foot in the door.   And now Brazilians are starting to feel a little uneasy and queasy about the land grab that has ensued as the Chinese are "investing" in small farmers and getting them to grow soybeans.  See this story from today's NYT.
To read about their incursions into Africa and the regrets of various African nations, search this blog under 'China".

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