Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Banner Day for the New York Times Sunday Review

The Sunday Review section in today's New York Times had many excellent columns. My favourite, however, was Maureen Dowd's atta boy to the longest serving politician in Ireland for his scathing remarks to the Vatican. The title of her column, The End of Awe, was also a commentary on Rupert Murdoch and any of the other people who feel they can do what they please because the have cowed the public with their money and supposed power.

In a similar vein, Thomas Friedman's column Make Way for the Radical Center, both pillories and parodies the Republicans with their "pledges" and warns against the group America Elects.

Two other columns worth attending to are When Wealth Breeds Rage by John Githongo and John Burns' Rude Brittania. The rage discussed by John Githongo was also well described by one of the characters in Aminatta Forna's book The Memory of Love.

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