Wednesday, August 31, 2011

South Africa continues to jump into bed with China

Does the ANC really still believe that being comrades in arms with China is the good and revolutionary thing to do? Like the ministers in many other African countries, South African government ministers continue to allow China access to resources in exchange for infrastructure funding.   Recently, the most egregious display of this pandering, sycophant-ish behaviour has been on display on the international political stage:  South Africa and China have prevented UN resolutions condemning the bombing of civilians in Southern Sudan:
"South Africa and China are preventing action in the U.N. Security Council, and he [Daniel Beleke of Human Rights Watch is] hoping this report of ongoing airstrikes will get the international community's attention. The government of Sudan, though, is also trying to get the U.N. Security Council's attention."
Where is their integrity?  Where is their humanity?  Where are the ideals they fought for for so long?

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