Thursday, November 10, 2011

Baskets and Textiles

A visit to The Textile Museum in Washington, DC today for the exhibit  Weaving Abstraction:
Kuba Textiles and the Woven Art of Central Africa,
  resulted in several hours of mesmerizing visions in raffia: intricate patterns, fractals, chevrons, texture, and sheer wizardry of craft, skill, and design.

There were 'tufted' boxes, capes, beaded/shelled/tufted belts.  The people who created these objects of beauty and wealth were Kuba, Tutsi, Hutu, Shoowa, and more.

Also on display was an exhibit called Second Lives: the Age-Old Art of Recycling Textiles  There were examples from all over the world of how people had taken old fabrics and re-purposed them into new articles of clothing, household objects, etc.

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