Thursday, June 7, 2012


Snap Judgement, a very interesting show hosted by Glynn Washington, is a program of stories, usually grouped around a theme.  This last week the theme was "Apocolypse...the end of the world as we know it".  These themes are often not what they appear to be and the stories can be intensely personal or more general.  One of the storytellers on this show was a poet, Gypsee Yo (Jonida Beqo), who emigrated from Albania.  Her story, in the form of a poem, was about two boys in her childhood whose personal violence stemmed from the horrors of the communist era in Albania. Jonida Bego has published collections of poetry in English and audio collections in Albanian.  For many years, Albania was as isolated as North Korea.  I have written about Albania twice before (1 October 2008 and 21 September 2010) and referred to it in a larger literary context on 23 October 2008. 

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